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Your Trusted Partner for Business Success

Strategic Planning

We develop comprehensive strategies to help your business achieve its long-term goals and stay ahead of the competition.

Financial Analysis

Our team of experts performs in-depth financial analysis to identify areas for improvement and maximize profitability.

Organizational Development

We assess and implement effective organizational structures and processes to optimize efficiency and drive growth.


Experienced Consultants with demonstrated International Experience

Founded in 1995, we bring 25+ years of experience in expert postal and logistical consulting to your business. As postal experts, our journey began by helping posts and operators to optimize operations and streamline postal flow. Today, we continue to provide trusted strategic advice to businesses, empowering them to thrive.

In the ever-evolving landscape of postal and logistic business, our team of senior consultants has been at the forefront, assisting clients in achieving their goals. With our deep understanding of operations and expertise in postal flow, we deliver tailored solutions for improved efficiency and success. As a trusted business management consultant, we are committed to guiding businesses towards long-lasting growth and prosperity.


Expert Business Solutions

Strategic Insights

Leverage our expertise to gain strategic insights that drive growth and improve profitability.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline your operations and enhance productivity with our proven techniques and customized solutions.

Effective Decision-Making

Make informed and effective decisions with our data-driven approach and expert analysis.


Our Distinct Methodology

At our business management consulting firm, we offer a highly distinctive methodology that sets us apart from the competition.

With our unique approach, we take a comprehensive and innovative approach to solve your business challenges, ensuring optimal results and growth.


Meet Our Expert Team

Jacob Johnsen

Senior Logistics Consultant, CEO

We analyze market trends and develop innovative strategies for maximum business growth.

Kim Bjoernskov

Certified Project Manager

We streamline processes and optimize operations to enhance efficiency and drive profitability.

Louis Fran├žois de Robiano

Senior Strategy Expert

We provide expert financial advice and guide businesses to make informed financial decisions.


Recognitions & Achievements

We take pride in our numerous industry awards and prestigious accreditations. Our dedication to excellence has been recognized by leading organizations.

Certified Business Management Consultant

May 2020

We obtained the Certified Business Management Consultant title in May 2020, demonstrating our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional business solutions.

Best Consulting Firm

January 2019

In January 2019, we were honored with the prestigious Best Consulting Firm award, recognizing our outstanding contribution to the industry.

Excellence in Strategic Planning

June 2018

Our dedication to strategic planning was acknowledged in June 2018, as we received the Excellence in Strategic Planning award for our innovative approach.


Client Testimonials

John Smith

ABC Corp

Working with Ipostes.com was a game changer for us. Their business management consultancy services helped us streamline our operations and achieve significant growth.

Jane Doe

XYZ Company

We highly recommend Ipostes.com. Their expertise in business management helped us identify new opportunities and improve our overall efficiency. A trusted partner!

Michael Johnson

123 Enterprises

Ipostes.com provided us with valuable insights and strategies to overcome challenges. Their consultancy services have been instrumental in our success. Great team to work with!


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