Ipostes has a specialised portfolio based on experience and expertise. Below are a number of examples of areas in which we can provide value to you and your business.

Hybrid Mail

Our expertise in hybrid mail on technical, commercial and strategic level is second to none. We have recognised world class experts in all fields related to hybrid mail. We have regular updates from customers, service operators, technology providers to keep us fully updated.

Technical Strategy

Based on 20+ years of expertise, documented impecable results and an ongoing insight into new technological developments has given Ipostes a very strong team able to provide you with well founded and intelligent advice for your strategic, tactical or operational decisions.

Commercial Strategy

Our obsesive focus on bottom line results have given us remarkable results i the commercial field. From a top down strategic approach to the planning and training of sales activities, Ipostes can provide your commecial team with a very strong support.

Market Reasearch

We have conducted market reasearch projects privately and confidencialy, as well as together with leading reasearch institutes. The results have been both very confidential and made publicly available, either trough reports or provided through books, articles and conference presentations.

Renowned Speakers

Our talented experts are all deeply acknowledged experts that are often invited to speak at major conferences, for specific business meetings, for customer events and to provide the keynote at specialised events. The combination of profound insight, recognised experience and strong communication is Ipostes' trademark.

Efficient Training

All our experts have a strong communication ability and are experienced in providing training, workshops, brainstorming and teambuilding sessions. The ability to interest, motivate and educate people from all areas of organisations gives impressive results, that can improve your organisations performance.

Other Services

A number of private companies have made use of Iposte's expertise in named fields. Some of the present technology partners are also active customers of Ipostes. To this comes a string of commercial companies, educational institutions, reserach institutes and event management comapnies.


Who rely on our expertise?

So far our experts have serviced more than 20 postal organisations, several technology providers and numerous service providers within telecom, banking, ERP, engineering and government.

“The combination of business insight and technical knowledge gave us the help and support, that we were looking for.”

- Head of Hybrid Mail in an African Post.


Hybrid Mail upstart Projects

COMMERCIAL TRAINING - We have recently worked with a national post to introduce and promote their newly acquired hybrid mail production centre. Training included both technical and commercial aspects, strategic sales process, organisation and procedures as well as participating in initial customer visits.


Technical & commercial Strategy

ANALYSIS - We have made on site investigation of a national posts hybrid mail centre, its integration and the market response. Based on this a list of 34 possible improvements was drawn 9up, and are currently being implemented.


Major Market Study

RESEARCH - When Triangle Management Services Ltd. made their renown hybrid mail study, they turned to Ipostes for access to brilliant expertise in both technical and commercial matters. We are proud to have contributed to this study.



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