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If you are more of a do-it-yourself manager, you'll find many helpful resources on our blog and this website. Beyond providing various services, Ipostes offers a variety of resources and tools designed for postal organisations that are building up their business, to give you valuable information to save you time, money and headaches.


e-Business tools:

Download articles. Read the blog. Listen to podcasts. Order the CD. Take a workshop. Download our workbooks.


While a start-up business isn't our usual client, we recognize that you have a great need to learn how to do real life business. That's why we've assembled these tools for you.


Our fact sheets

Articles and documents

Our videos

Find good and clear information on subjects within our field of expertise.


Ipostes has for 20+ years published articles, books, white papers and more.

We are building up video lectures on business and technology subjects.

Bring your Hybrid Mail to market

Take an hour to save yourself months of work! View this section to learn more about how we can help.


We have gathered all the results and experience from numerous launches of Hybrid Mail, and can provide you with a comprehensive packet, based on experience on what has worked ... and what has not!


“Ipostes gave us a totally new view of a market, which we

thought we knew.”

- Head of Business Development of a European post


Hybrid Mail consulting

Ipostes was based on a growing hybrid mail business and we have the best knowledge on international level.


Technical Strategy

Any deep understanding of the business starts with understanding technology. On top of this we are on the edge of any news in our fields.


Commercial Strategy

Global experiences from a globalised marketplace, participation in MBA lectures and actively helping our customers achieve more.


Public Relations

Communication is at the essence of Ipostes work, and we are continuously publishing articles, reports and books within our fields.


Market Research

Our research is based on interviews of users, service and technology providers, experts, reports, statistics and our in-house database.




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