Expert help ensures your success

Are you considering new e-business services? Are you in the acquisition phase? Or the implementation phase? Not sure exactly what to do or how to do it? Tap into our experience and knowledge base to create a strategic plan designed to deliver results in the real world. We can help you with:


Ensuring good results

You know what needs to be done, but need help some help to get it done. Let us become your expert partner and ensure the success of your business.


  • Clarify e-business possibilities
  • Search the market for options and solutions
  • Develop postal service strategies
  • Create requirement specifications
  • Evaluation of e-business options
  • Inspirational and practical speeches

Based on decades of expertise in postal and telecom business, Ipostes has a proven record of providing expertise, support, training and hands on assistance to posts globally. More than 20 posts on 5 continents have been assisted by Ipostes' team of experts.

Who rely on our expertise?

So far our experts have serviced more than 20 postal organisations, several technology providers and numerous service providers within telecom, banking, ERP, engineering and government.


“Ipostes gave us a totally new view of a market, which we

thought we knew.”

- Head of Business Development of a European post


Hybrid Mail upstart Projects

COMMERCIAL TRAINING - We have recently worked with a national post to introduce and promote their newly acquired hybrid mail production centre. Training included both technical and commercial aspects, strategic sales process, organisation and procedures as well as participating in initial customer visits.


Technical & commercial Strategy

ANALYSIS - We have made on site investigation of a national posts hybrid mail centre, its integration and the market response. Based on this a list of 34 possible improvements was drawn 9up, and are currently being implemented.


Major Market Study

RESEARCH - When Triangle Management Services Ltd. made their renown hybrid mail study, they turned to Ipostes for access to brilliant expertise in both technical and commercial matters. We are proud to have contributed to this study.


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