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NEW TECHNOLOGY: We specialize in the mapping and definition of new technologies for our customers, where we analyse their possibilities, their needs and the availabilities on the market. Based on thorough research and expert evaluation, we create an efficient and well defined strategy upon which our clients can plan their embracing of new technology options. We help them define their target and use technology to expand their market and their position.


e-BUSINESS STRATEGY: We specialize in creating the foundation for a clear, efficient and comprehensive business strategy for electronic services offering. By analysing the present status, available possibilities and numerous scenarios, we work closely together with the management team of our customers to define vision and goals for their e-Business. To this we add a thorough planning upon which this can move forward and be implemented.


Are you in charge of planning future use of technologies and have a need for a clear view of your possibilities, a road map for you to follow and a precise, comprehensive and long term e-Business strategy? If so, call today. We can help.


Strategic technology plans - adapted to your specific needs and based on expert know-how from some of the leading specialists on the market. Strategic and operational planning - created to meet your goals and deliver results.


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Read about our strong references in the postal community and beyond. Note that not all our customers will accept to be referenced.


Ipostes offer many different services and access to many fields of expertise. Over the years we have gathered experience in numerous fields.

We have receved numerous awards and recognitions for our work, namely when contributing with our deep insight in subject matters.

Why rely on our expertise?

So far our experts have serviced more than 20 postal organisations, several technology providers and numerous service providers within telecom, banking, ERP, engineering and government.


“Ipostes gave us a totally new view of a market, which we

thought we knew.”

- Head of Business Development of a European post


Hybrid Mail consulting

Ipostes was based on a growing hybrid mail business and we have the best knowledge on international level.


Technical Strategy

Any deep understanding of the business starts with understanding technology. On top of this we are on the edge of any news in our fields.


Commercial Strategy

Global experiences from a globalised marketplace, participation in MBA lectures and actively helping our customers achieve more.


Public Relations

Communication is at the essence of Ipostes work, and we are continuously publishing articles, reports and books within our fields.


Market Research

Our research is based on interviews of users, service and technology providers, experts, reports, statistics and our in-house database.




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