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Ipostes is proud to be assciated with some of the strongest partners in the business. Should you want to become a partner, please contact us directly for a possible partnership.

Hybrid Mail Solutions



There are numerous providers of hybrid mail solutions, and Ipostes has analysed all in connection with specific technical and commercial investigation tasks.


When it comes to top-level decisions, IPOSTES has experienced advisors that will ensure successful choices. The ability to master business, technology and people are one main asset in this.

Experience and know-how on solutions from Kern, Böwe, Pitney-Bowes and others has created relations that enables a direct access to both technical and commercial networks in these companies.


The leading provider of hybrid mail solutions is offering the ePOST range, including hybrid mail engine, web access, desktop access, production management, electronic delivery and much more.


More than 10 years of close co-operation with IBM in the postal domain has given knowledge and access in IBM. Also Ipostes is an IBM Development Partner, offering its services through the IBM network.


Already member of Microsoft's Development Network (MSDN), Ipostes has deep insight into the wide range of solutions from Microsoft, including Microsoft Dynamics and specific postal solutions.

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Hybrid Mail consulting

Ipostes was based on a growing hybrid mail business and we have the best knowledge on international level.


Technical Strategy

Any deep understanding of the business starts with understanding technology. On top of this we are on the edge of any news in our fields.


Commercial Strategy

Global experiences from a globalised marketplace, participation in MBA lectures and actively helping our customers achieve more.


Public Relations

Communication is at the essence of Ipostes work, and we are continuously publishing articles, reports and books within our fields.


Market Research

Our research is based on interviews of users, service and technology providers, experts, reports, statistics and our in-house database.





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